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Health & Travel

This simple guide is designed to give you confidence to know that should you ever get ill or injured while traveling, you'll know what to do.

Before You Travel
We strongly recommend travel insurance to help if the unexpected happens like lost luggage, delays, cancellations, medical issues, or accidents. We have sent thousands of guests traveling around the world, and we have not had a single person regret buying travel insurance. However, there have been many who regretted NOT having it when the unexpected happened.

Over the course of the pandemic, many travel insurance companies have expanded or adapted their coverage related to COVID-19. If purchasing insurance specifically for COVID-19 concerns, make sure to carefully review and understand your policy. One thing to consider is whether the policy covers additional expenses in the event you need to quarantine (and change your travel plans) due to a positive COVID test. It is important to know that “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) coverage is the only type of policy that covers fear of travel due to COVID-19.

The associated costs (hotel room, food, and flight changes) can get expensive, but these costs may be covered by insurance. We strongly encourage every traveler to consider travel insurance. This has proven to be a worthwhile investment for guests who have tested positive. Let us know if you have questions
It is a new world post global pandemic, and extra precautions remain in place throughout the world pertaining to travel. These protocols vary but can be found in all airlines, cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, bus companies, and the historic sites we visit.

Each guest not only needs to be responsible for his or her own health but also for the collective health of the group. For the best chance of enjoying a healthy tour, we ask our tour members to follow the guidelines for your tour.
While Traveling
For many, the public protocols of COVID-19 have greatly diminished or even been discontinued. However, there are still some areas of society and the world that continue to have protective health protocols in place, and we honor those requirements when visiting those locations. If you start feeling ill while traveling with us, we recommend you wear a face mask, especially when traveling on the tour bus and where social distancing is difficult. This is a courtesy to your fellow travelers. Some travel companies may still require guests to wear face masks.
If by chance, you or someone in your group becomes ill during the trip or requires medical care, please have a plan for who in your group will stay back with the ill person as their “Designated Support Person.” This person acts as an advocate for the ill person for the purposes of medical care and traveling home.

PLEASE NOTE: Airlines, cruise lines, guides, and buses are not permitted to wait for guests for any reason, including medical issues. Whether you opt to rejoin the group or decide to return home, travel arrangements will be at your own expense (This is one of the main reasons we encourage purchasing travel insurance, as it will cover your travel arrangements in these situations).
If by chance, you, or someone in your group tests positive for COVID-19, you will be required to follow local quarantine and travel guidelines, including when you are permitted to travel again. For international tours, be prepared to quarantine. A small percentage of guests have contracted COVID and needed to quarantine (5–7 days on average). The associated costs (hotel room, food, and flight changes) can get expensive, but these costs may be covered by insurance. We strongly encourage every traveler to consider travel insurance. This has proven to be a worthwhile investment for guests who have tested positive.

Your responsibility:
  • Please inform your tour leader. He or she can help you find a hotel and give you direction.
  • Call the airline directly to change your return flight if needed (Once you begin your trip, the airline must talk with you personally. They will not share any information with us as a company.)
  • Before calling, determine your return flight date based on local quarantine guidelines
  • Use WhatsApp or Wi-Fi calling if needed (see the list of phone numbers below)
  • Notify the cruise line if you test positive prior to sailing (see the list of phone numbers below)
  • Please notify us, so we can help in any way, by emailing
Travel insurance is a financial lifesaver, when used properly. To make certain you get the most from your travel insurance benefits, do the following:
  1. Bring your travel insurance policy and contact information with you on your trip
  2. Keep your receipts for your payments for:
    • Flight changes or other flight fees​
    • Hotel
    • Food
    • Any needs / medical care while in quarantine
  3. Submit your receipts to your travel insurance company. (You may expect expenses from $200-300 per person per day. Make sure your insurance can cover that.)
Contact Information
AER LINGUS - 1 (800) 474-7424
AIR FRANCE - 1 (800) 237-2747
ALASKA - 1 (800) 252-7522
AMERICAN - 1 (800) 433-7300
BRITISH AIR - 1 (800) 247-9297
DELTA AIRLINES - 1 (800) 221-1212
EGYPTAIR - 1 (718) 751 4850
EL AL ISRAEL - 1 (800) 223-6700
HAWAIIAN - 1 (800) 367-5320
IBERIA - 1 (800) 772-4642
ITA AIRWAYS - 1 (877) 793-1717
JETBLUE - 1 (800) 538-2583
KLM ROYAL - 1 (800) 618-0104
LUFTHANSA - 1 (800) 645-3880
SOUTHWEST - 1 (800) 531-5600
SWISSAIR - 1 (877) 359-7947
TURKISH - 1 (800) 874-8875
UNITED INTL - 1 (800) 538-2929
UNITED U.S. - 1 (800) 426-1122
VIRGIN - 1 (800) 862-8621
CARNIVAL - 1 (800) 764-7419
CELESTYAL - 1 (877) 797-0440
COSTA - 1 (800) 462-6782
HOLLAND AMERICA - 1 (855) 932-1711
CANADA - 911
EGYPT - 123
FRANCE - 112
GREECE - 112
ISRAEL - 101
ITALY - 112
JORDAN - 191
NORWAY - 112
TURKEY - 101
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