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Brad Lowder has experience across media, marketing, advertising, and communications industries, and is an accomplished TV producer, screenwriter, and has acting credits with national commercials for Chevrolet, Ford, Hallmark Cards, America’s Most Wanted, and several movies, including Dumb & Dumber with Jim Carrey, and commercials and videos for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Prior to working for his current marketing job, Brad’s career included working in newspaper, radio, satellite broadcasting, was Managing Partner of two advertising agencies, Chief Marketing Officer of a national franchise, and Vice President of Marketing and Sales for an electronics company. Brad also worked in Public Affairs, and while living in Northern California, was president of the Santa Rosa Interfaith Ministerial Association.

Marjorie Nelson Lowder is the 9th and youngest daughter of President Russell M. and Dantzel White Nelson. Marjorie is an avid skier–snow and water–and enjoys summer evenings on the farm watching the sunset over Mt. Timpanogos. She is an accomplished artist, illustrator and surface designer. She recently published her first illustrated children’s book, Pudding On the Moon. She enjoys watercolor and ink, and looking at the world through an artistic lens.

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