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Clear Water Lake


Greg Matsen is the founder of Cwic Media and the host of Cwic Show. Cwic Show has over 10,000,000 views and downloads and is one of the top podcasts for Latter-day Saint culture, social issues, and gospel topics.  His website,, includes the Critical Social Justice Hub which contrasts the principles of the Restored Church with Social Justice and the philosophies of men, what Greg calls the "Religion of Academia." These philosophies are responsible for the loss of many members' testimonies, especially younger members.
He has studied the scriptures and history almost daily since his mission, seeks and develops interfaith relationships, and diligently seeks to help others learn what he has learned through lenses he developed called Cwic Interpreters. His book on the Cwic Interpreters will be out soon. He also does a weekly Come Follow Me podcast. Cwic is an Old English word which means, "Intelligent and Alive." Greg sold his Wealth Management Firm in Scottsdale, AZ in 2020 and now runs Cwic Media full time. He and his wife have four kids and one son-in-law.

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