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Our Land of Promise

Land Tour with Wayne May

Uncovering Ancient America

October 21 - October 26, 2024

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$1,995 per person

Hotels, tours, transfers, taxes, and fees included

Our Land of Promise Tour

There is an intriguing theory that the American Indians were descendants from Jews because they had, according to Thomas Jefferson, the same laws, ceremonies, sacrifices,  priests, prophets, fasts, and even the Indian dialects seemed derived from a common prototype of the of the Hebrew Bible.  Jefferson was so intrigued that part of the reason he sent Lewis and Clark out was, he wanted them to see the burial mounds, and find out more information about their religion.

America’s history didn’t begin when Christopher Columbus came over.  Prior to Columbus there were ancient cities with advanced cultures and architecture across North America.  Hundreds of years before Columbus, there were large cities and metropolises in North America that rivalled the size London England. Over 2000 actual cities of mound like structures across North America.

Wayne May, publisher of the Ancient American Magazine and the Land of Promise Magazine, will host this incredible tour for you in Ohio where many of these mounds still exist and where Ohio was the center of the Hopewell Culture. Wayne will share with you the incredible evidence that still exists giving light to the Hopewell’s religion and Culture-that parallel those found within the text of the Book of Mormon-and that ancient beloved people, who’s demise came exactly in the time frame that matches the Hopewell civilization.

You’ll come away from this tour amazed beyond belief and your thoughts and understanding of the Ancient Civilizations of North America will have been enlightened with truth and understanding.


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