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Frequently Asked Questions


Is a Passport Required?

We recommend that you bring your passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the completion date of your travel. It will make your check-in easier. Alternatively, because this cruise starts and ends in the US, the cruise line allows you to show your driver's license and an original or certified copy of a government issued birth certificate.

What are the Covid-19 and health guidelines for this cruise?

Holland America's protocols have evolved, making it easier for more guests to sail with simplified vaccination and testing guidelines.  Guests no longer have to be vaccinated nor tested on most Holland America Line voyages, except for those in destinations where regulations differ. You can find the latest information here: Guest Health Protocols.

Do I need travel insurance? 

We strongly recommend travel insurance to help if the unexpected happens like lost luggage, delays, cancellations, medical issues, or accidents. We have sent thousands of guests traveling around the world, and we have not had a single person regret buying travel insurance. However, there have been many who regretted NOT having it when the unexpected happened.


Over the course of the pandemic, many travel insurance companies have expanded or adapted their coverage related to COVID-19. If purchasing insurance specifically for COVID-19 concerns, make sure to carefully review and understand your policy. One thing to consider is whether the policy covers additional expenses in the event you need to quarantine (and change your travel plans) due to a positive COVID test. It is important to know that “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) coverage is the only type of policy that covers fear of travel due to COVID-19.


The associated costs (hotel room, food, and flight changes) can get expensive, but these costs may be covered by insurance. We strongly encourage every traveler to consider travel insurance. This has proven to be a worthwhile investment for guests who have tested positive. Let us know if you have questions.

Will my cell phone work?

Confirm that your phone will work when traveling internationally. Nearly all newer phones work fine and older phones purchased through AT&T and T-Mobile do too. But it's smart to check with your carrier before you travel.


Check with your cell provider before you travel about good international options (for while in port) and rates. Prices vary by day or by month and may be a good option for you. Call your provider or check their website for the latest pricing.​


If you have Wi-Fi you can use a service, like “WhatsApp” for free texting and calling, internationally. When cruising, Wi-Fi is available on the ship for a cost, and at airports and most hotels. But even in the best of hotels it may not be reliable.

How should I prepare if I have special medication or diet?

Please plan ahead and let us know if you have medical or dietary needs. Ensure any medications you take are labeled correctly and that you bring them in your carryon luggage. It’s a good idea to take a photo of your prescription bottle so you have that as a record on your phone if you need it while traveling.


When will I receive my cruise information?

You will be receiving your cruise confirmation email about four months before your departure. When it comes, please log in to the cruise portal and do the following:

  • Check Your Personal Info. It's a good time to review your reservation and make sure your information is correct. Please email us if you have questions.

  • Explore Shore Excursions. These are optional and may be purchased up to 4 days from sailing, as long as they are not sold out.

  • Cruise Online Check-in. You will be able to do this 14 days before your cruise. You'll get an email reminder at that time about the check-in process.


How do I book transfers to the cruise ship? 

Ground transfers may be purchased between select major airports and the ship and from ship to select major airports on the day of embarkation and disembarkation only.  If you are staying at a hotel near the airport,  you can also use TAXIS and  rideshare services like Uber or Lyft. Also check with your pre-cruise hotel,  as they may have a terminal shuttle.

What is the Cruise Arrival Time and Departure?

Your embarkation time will be assigned when you check in to your cruise. For general times and port information, please refer to the East Coast ship itinerary & the West Coast Ship Itinerary.


What is the Momentum Cruise Program Schedule?

Our days at sea and evenings will be filled with many options from our amazing lineup of guest speakers and performers. Details about all the activities, shows, and presentations will be available onboard. More info will be released. 

Can I change my dining time?

Dining times are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis at the time of booking. There are many food options always available on the cruise. Please check your program schedule so you don’t miss activities or programs if you alter your dining time.

How can I purchase shore excursions?

Sign in to Holland America’s website with your cruise confirmation to see all your options for shore excursions and extra onboard activities. These are optional and may be purchased up to 4 days from sailing. Or you can reserve this while on the cruise, as long as they are not sold out. A schedule with event times will be released about 3 months prior to the departure - this will aid you in choosing shore excursions that don't overlap with MOMENTUM events. 

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