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Gospel On The Nile

Conference & Tour with 
Bruce H. Porter

January 9 - January 18, 2024

Prices from 
$3,776 per person

Cruise, hotels, tours, transfers, taxes, and fees included

Optional Tour Extensions to Rome or Turkey

Gospel on the Nile

Bruce H. Porter is an ancient civilization scholar who has guided Latter-day Saint tours throughout the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and the Mediterranean for more than 25 years.
He has done extensive research for the Religious Studies Center on the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Abraham as well as in major museums and libraries of Europe and the United States. This work took him into ancient tombs and sacred texts throughout his career.

He is passionate about this tour and promises to make every second count and give you more than you expect.

During your time on this special tour “Gospel on the Nile,” you'll not only discover the gospel in ancient Egypt but you will build faith. You will step back in time as we uncover similarities to what the Egyptians embraced as the first Pharaoh sought earnestly to imitate the religion held by Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses. You will appreciate even more the divine restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith by experiencing, seeing, feeling, and touching those ancient concepts. You’ll discover that these principles, sacred to Latter-day Saints, are explained on ancient temple walls or in papyrus in amazing ways.

We are traveling in great time, so you'll get to take advantage of the cooler weather and smaller crowds.

This is a life-changing, faith-building experience you won’t want to miss.


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