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Flights with
Rome Post-Tour

These flight examples are for customers that booked the regular tour, with the Rome post tour extension

Departure Flight

Arrive at Cairo Airport (CAI) by midnight on January 10, 2024

Return Flight

Depart Rome Airport (FCO) between 6:00AM and 1:00AM on January 21, 2024

Example Flights

*These are example itineraries. You do not need to book these exact flights*

We recommend you book your flight directly through the airline website and not through third party vendors

Flight / Airline



DL 2317
Delta Airlines

SLC - Salt Lake City
09 Jan, 03:35 PM

LAX - Los Angeles
09 Jan, 04:32 PM

DL 290
Delta Airlines

LAX - Los Angeles
09 Jan, 05:20 PM

CDG - France
10 Jan, 01:15 PM

DL 8622
Delta Airlines

CDG - France
10 Jan, 06:50 PM

CAI - Cairo
10 Jan, 12:10 AM

AZ 630
Delta Airlines

FCO - Rome
21 Jan, 10:20 AM

MIA - Miami
21 Jan, 03:50 PM

DL 1267
Delta Airlines

MIA - Miami
21 Jan, 07:15 PM

SLC - Salt Lake City
21 Jan, 10:20 PM

Sending us your itinerary will allow us to ensure transfers from the airport when you arrive.

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