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Church History Tour
Sacred Sites & Ballpark Lights

Bus Tour with Bruce Newbold

May 21 - June 1, 2024

Prices from 
$3,087 per person

Hotels, tours, transfers, taxes, and fees included

The Church History Sacred Sites & Ballpark Lights Tour

Step into a world of captivating Latter-day Saint history with our renowned guide, Bruce Newbold, who will lead you on an extraordinary tour of significant sites. With a deep passion for the history and heritage of the Latter-day Saints, Bruce will bring these stories to life as you journey through remarkable destinations. From the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith received divine revelations to iconic temple sites, each location will unfold like pages from a living history book. Bruce's extensive knowledge and engaging storytelling will allow you to gain a profound understanding of the faith, sacrifice, and triumphs that have shaped the Latter-day Saint community. Whether you're a seasoned historian or new to this rich narrative, this tour promises an immersive and enlightening experience, making the past come alive in ways you've never imagined.

But that's not all! Our tour exclusively blends Church history with the American spirit of baseball, as we make our way from stadium to stadium along our route. Bruce, the author of The Baseball Box Prophecy series, and with a unique baseball perspective, will guide you as you follow in the footsteps of pioneers, as well as cheer on your favorite teams. You'll be part of a unique and memorable journey that celebrates the spiritual heritage of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while savoring the excitement of America's beloved pastime.

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